Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty are back yet again to fight evil in the world of Sift Heads World 7.

With an expanded story line, everyone who has tried Sift Heads in the past should try this new part of this great series, counting several hundred thousand game plays.

Sift Heads World 7

Inspired by stickmen graphics, huge guns, blood splatter and tons of ammo you know you've made the right flash game choice. The whole game is switching between 2D environments with point and click game play, and first person shooting. The engine steering the physical elements of the game is advanced and will increase the level of fun and joy you get from playing this game.

If you already got a profile you can simply log in to it and continue playing, and all your gaming history, cash and rewards will be added to your account. If you yet haven't registered such an account it's highly recommended to do so as it will save your progress in the whole Sift Heads World series. Your profile will also give you information about your saved games and progress in Sift Heads World 7 game.

Remember that you're playing as an assassin, and you don't want to leave traces of your murders anywhere. The missions which you're given throughout the game requires strategy and patience, or else you will probably fail. Think as an assassin, and lay your own basic strategy on how to do the quests and which of the characters you want to play with and you've done a good job already. Now hunt those stickmen in Sift Heads World 7!